Materials of the future for today's LEDs

Nanowire LED - nLED

Nanowires are fabricated columnar structures with diameters in the range of tens of nanometers and lengths on the order of hundreds of nanometers to micrometers. By comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 500 times larger than a 100nm nanowire. Each nanowire acts basically as an individual light-emitting diode (LED). Glō’s nLEDs can produce light of any color in the visible spectrum, ranging from deep blue to red, with industry-standard semiconductor material and manufacturing equipment.

Technology Expertise

glō has developed technologies to fabricate defect-free, single-crystal semiconductor nanowire structures, with direct control of morphology and chemical composition. glō’s nanowires are produced using self-assembly techniques, providing complex structures with relatively simple and standard process equipment.

intellectual property

glō currently holds 50+ patents across US, Europe and Asia. These patents are not subject to any cross-licensing with the LED oligopoly. The patents address nanowire materials, epitaxial growth conditions, on a variety of substrates with various device structures and fabrication processes. The patent portfolio, including application-related solutions, continues to grow along with the technical advances made by the glō team.

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